The U.S. Legalizes Poison

Let’s face it; Now-a-days it is easy to get sucked right into our highly consuming, wasteful, and unhealthy ways of society. We are now purchasing most all of our

Are you conscious of your impact as a consumer?

Let’s face it; Now-a-days it is easy to get sucked right into our highly consuming, wasteful, and unhealthy ways of society. We are now purchasing most all of our daily needs and wants without having to put a hair of thought into how things truly work; let alone the entity at the top receiving our hard-earned dollars and what his/her true financial and moral intentions are with it, as well as the effects of these purchases and productions on the quality of our natural surroundings: the environment, natural resources, animals, the planet as a whole and life in general.

In addition, most of us may not bring enough attention to each ingredient in the cosmetics or food we put on and in our bodies on a daily basis; and these can have some of the most direct negative impacts on not only all aspects of our natural surroundings, but the very foundation of our own health, wellness and beauty!

Did you know: 

Cosmetics are capable of entering through the layers of our largest organ – the skin – which surpasses our digestive system with potential of going straight to our blood stream?

This bodily invasion can definitely throw things out of whack a lot quicker than offensive food consumption (which goes through numerous natural filters and detoxifiers in the body) and will create much harm with repeated offense. Our kidneys and liver that work to filter our blood can become overloaded by this repeated offense and end up contributing to more toxins in the bloodstream if unable to do its job properly.


eu vs us


The U.S. legislation is currently allowing the use of toxic, harmful chemicals in cosmetics, which we may apply every day, that have been linked to:

  • irritation and allergic reactions
  • mutagenic cells
  • immune system damage
  • hormone and thyroid disruptions
  • nerve, joint, and muscle disorders
  • fertility issues
  • heart, bone and kidney problems
  • reproductive and developmental harm
  • cancers
  • in some cases death

the list goes on.*


The U.S. legislation is also currently allowing the use of toxic, harmful chemicals in conventional food production, which we may consume every day, that have been linked to:

  • mitochondrial malfunction
  • gastrointestinal issues
  • excitotoxicity
  • inflammation
  • weight gain
  • obesity
  • neurotoxicity
  • learning and behavior disorders
  • hormone disruption
  • chronic and/or serious diseases
  • heart attacks
  • strokes
  • decreased immune function
  • reproductive harm
  • allergies
  • cancers
  • even death

the list goes on.*


So what do we do?

Ditch the harmful chemicals and those companies using them!!!

The worst thing we can do is rely on the large “self-regulated” corporations in the food and cosmetic industries for our safety and righteousness that produce on a mass scale with very little overhead. Will you let them continue to “self-regulate” these industries, or will YOU be in control of your own health and environment?


Let us help you find who to trust or guide you through the wonderful world of DIY – so you can know exactly what you’re allowing in and on your body!


It’s time to be mindful of where our money is going and how we are directly impacting the world around us – starting with our cosmetics and food!


Self-love never looked so good ;).



Author: Sustain the Mane

Hi! I'm Holistic Mobile Salon Owner, DIYer, nature-wanderer, animal-whisperer and plant-based food enthusiast, Katie! I believe true beauty, health and enlightenment stems from a proper balance in sustainable and colorful lifestyle practices. I'm here online to share those DIY healthy cosmetic and food recipes, inspiration for exploring and getting connected back with nature, and sustainable living tips for those aspiring to live a vibrant life of freedom through simplicity, self-empowerment and exploration! I own Sustain the Mane Salon in Golden, CO and my second location in Crestone, CO. Let's break free of the toxic norms together!

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