As time goes on, the cosmetic industry continues to grow towards the “hottest” and latest trends, but seems to be forgetting one very important thing: Are these cosmetics even safe??

In terms of safe cosmetics, we are referring to the external appearance of our skin as well as the effect on our internal processes as some ingredients are absorbed through the skin into our bloodstream. We love to refer to our EWG Skin Deep Database for some of our toughest research on specific ingredients and specific products. They basically let us know if certain things are safe for our bodies and our environment, which we love.

Some people are more sensitive than others in general, no matter if it is an organic plant-based product or not, so we believe in carrying out 24-48 hour patch tests prior to hair coloring services for those especially with known sensitivities.

Here in Sustain the Mane Salon, we are using some of the best professional products to our knowledge that are leading in the organic, sustainable, non-toxic and vegan beauty industry for hair color and products. We never use aerosols, ammonia, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, or test on animals.

The quality of air in our space is one of our favorite changes to the salon environment since introducing safer, more gentle hair color and products in 2016. No more worrying about inhaling toxic fumes when mixing formulas or carrying out our artistic applications, and you as a guest also receive a much more relaxing and comfortable experience throughout the whole holistic pampering process.

It never stops there though; We are constantly continuing to further our knowledge on ingredients and products, and won’t stop until we are satisfied with what we believe is the best for ourselves and of course for you. We will recommend whatever we believe is best for each individual based upon his or her needs and desires.

Some of our products are homemade with organic ingredients and essential oils when we cannot find a trusted brand to carry what we need! This will eventually develop into a larger selection of homemade cosmetic products for you that we are extremely excited about to come!

True health, wellness, and beauty is our top priority for each and every one of you; whether we help you in person or online!


Author: Sustain the Mane

Hi! I'm Private Health Salon owner, DIYer, nature-wanderer, animal-whisperer, mama-bear, healthy food enthusiast, Katie! I believe true beauty, health and enlightenment stems from a proper balance in sustainable and colorful lifestyle practices. I'm here online to share those DIY healthy cosmetic and food recipes, inspiration for exploring and getting connected back with nature & God, and beyond sustainable living tips for those aspiring to live a vibrant life of freedom through simplicity, self-empowerment and exploration! I own Sustain the Mane Salon in Golden, CO and my second (mobile) location in Crestone, CO. Let's break free of the toxic norms together!

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