We 100% support organic farming practices for our ingredients, which we try and use as many of as possible with what we carry.

We 100% support organic farming practices, which we try and use for as many of our ingredients as possible with what we carry. Local organic ingredients are most desired, and we are continuing on working on ways to bring more of those into our salon. Organic farming not only returns love back to the earth by maintaining soil fertility, but also leaves out the very harmful and toxic pesticides and herbicides that do not deserve to be entering our bodies through our skin OR by our consumption either.

While there is no completely 100% organic professional hair color line currently possible, we carry brands that try and swap out as much of the junk as they can for organic plant-based alternatives;Β leaving your nose, skin, and hair a heck of a lot happier than traditional lines! We are also wanting to start experimenting with 100% Pure Organic Henna Powder as a plant-based colorant alternative as well. (Contact us for more info)

If you are looking for the greenest and cleanest of organic health and beauty products, refer to our DIY section in the blog for inspiration or our resource page.

We provide all organic teas for your enjoyment during your visit, as well as occasional fresh organic snacks. All dietary plans and suggestions made by our Health Advisor, Matthew, are also always based on organic whole foods and never contain GMOs or support conventional farming.

Author: Sustain the Mane

Hi! I'm Holistic Mobile Salon Owner, DIYer, nature-wanderer, animal-whisperer and plant-based food enthusiast, Katie! I believe true beauty, health and enlightenment stems from a proper balance in sustainable and colorful lifestyle practices. I'm here online to share those DIY healthy cosmetic and food recipes, inspiration for exploring and getting connected back with nature, and sustainable living tips for those aspiring to live a vibrant life of freedom through simplicity, self-empowerment and exploration! I own Sustain the Mane Salon in Golden, CO and my second location in Crestone, CO. Let's break free of the toxic norms together!

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